About Us

POLO Trading SRL, a private owned company, having assumed the mission to sustain the development of the Romanian Public and Private Health System by providing the most advanced medical equipment available worldwide.
We are covering the following domains of business:

Medical Infrastructure:

  • Hospital beds, beds for the Intensive Care Units (with Völker MiS ® - Pressure reduction system for bedsore prophylaxis and Völker MiS ® Activ - an active Micro-Stimulation-System for bedsore prophylaxis, mobilization, pain reduction and the promotion of perception) hospital and medical clinics furniture.
  • Beds and furniture destined for social institutions and hospices
  • Laboratory and pharmaceutical refrigerating, blood banks, blood plasma freezers, refrigerators for large collectivities.

  • Equipment and Medical Devices for plastic & esthetic surgery, reconstructive surgery and microsurgery

  • Plastic & esthetic surgery, reconstructive surgery and microsurgery tools kits, dermatomes for collecting skin graft, Adjustable Skin Graft Mesher, oto-rhinoplasty tools kits etc.
  • Skin substitutes for skin grafts (artificial skin- Integra Dermal Regeneration Template), used in burns treatment and scaring imperfections correction, to nonesthetic scars, including the postoperatory ones.
  • Absorbable implants for peripheral nerves seaming (NeuraGen & NeuraWrap), used in reconstructive microsurgery for traumas with nerves and tendons sections, arms & fingers reinsertions etc.
  • Intracranial triple monitoring system (LICOX)
  • In Romania we are representing the following companies:

    Völker A.G. (Germania)

    Integra LifeSciences Corporation (SUA)

    Philipp Kirsch Gmbh (Germania)

    Datascope (SUA)


    Integra Dermal Regeneration Template
    NeuraGen Nerve Guide
    Padgett instruments