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Far from home, we all know that wonderful sense of well-being when we enter an inviting hotel room. We ask ourselves: “Why can’t a hospital room evoke the same welcoming feeling?”

In the past, hospital design was dictated mainly by functional and technical requirements, with the aesthetics of a patient’s surroundings often secondary. In the past few years, due to changed nursing philosophy, completely new ideas about healthcare settings, and discriminating patients, there has been a demand for more appealing surroundings – leading to a revolution in the design of hospital beds and furnishings. This movement supports long-accepted scientific studies showing that pleasant surroundings promote a sense of well-being, while unpleasant surroundings cause frustration and add stress. The most important goal of further development of Völker hospital beds therefore has always been: to design hospital beds as fine furniture that, together with other furnishings, creates a truly private atmosphere with the ambience of a comfortable hotel room – without any loss of functionality.

This is why we visited hospitals, questioned technicians and hygiene experts, and conferred with nurses, doctors and particularly patients. In this way, the Völker hospital bed has become a successful synthesis of health-promoting design and independence promoting functions and therefore is a real asset in the healthcare industry. After exhaustive research and product development, we are proud of our most recent innovation: the new Völker MiS® Microstimulation System, which dramatically increases patients’ lying comfort and additionally contributes to Decubitus prevention and which will supplement effective Decubitus therapy in the future by means of MiS® Activ. Better positioning and better lying comfort, individual positioning and more individual security are only some of the features that distinguish Völker hospital beds. With these characteristics alone, they are already a really good recommendation. We invite you to see for yourself!